Monday, 26 September 2011

Atrocious-Review By Jonny T

Hello All,
So here we have yet another Found footage movie, yawn i hear you say? But i must admit this one is pretty good, For starters it's a Spanish film but could have easily have been American/English or any other country for that matter.
The plot synopsis is:-
"The Quintanilla family was found dead. Recorded evidence was discovered by the police. Production company acquires the confidential material and edits it into a Horror Movie."
So there's your synopsis, so we already know that they are all dead, great, the film starts entirely in reverse at 100 miles an hour until we see a recording of Christian and July saying to the camera how they are Urban Legend investigators, ok,Next wee see them arrive at the house where Storys abound about a young girl that lives in the woods that if you see her at night she will take you by the hand and lead you to safety or maybe not.

We get the usual found footage slow burn build up with the two main characters Christian and July who are brother and sister wondering around the estate but with two video camera's so you get both of their perspectives, we then see them going through huge padlocked iron gates in the gardens labyrinth of overgrown hedgerows, which they are warned by their father NOT to go into at night, so after a few nights of nothing happening  Ala Paranormal activity they start hearing noises within the woods, The dog barks constantly at the gate then disappears, The following day they go into the woods to try and find the dog and come upon a bloody trail that eventually leads to a disused old well where the legend of the girl says she lives (The Ring??).

They decide to hide the fact that the dog is dead from their younger brother as he would obviously be too upset although he's bound to find out eventually, this leads to them waking up with their mother screaming in the night and running into the woods because she believes the younger son has ran in the woods to find his dog, Que the set up basically for the rest of the movie, One of the camera's battery dies, the other has night vision and involves Christian getting attack, camera falls on the floor, blah blah blah, you know what i mean, he eventually finds his sister who is also on the lookout for her mother and brother, she is tied to an altar in the middle of the labyrinth covered in blood, time to get the hell out and back to the house but is it any safer there?

I won't reveal the ending as it does have a few good jump scares and a twist you may or may not be expecting, the thing i did like is the final part of the film is compiled from police reports, stills etc and ends with a very haunting and super creepy image.
So on the whole we have seen this thing now a million and one times but kudos to the director Fernando Barreda Luna for trying to but some different things into this now i feel flagging genre film, although he does have good taste in films because on scene they find a box with some VHS tapes in it containing The Bird with the crystal plumage, Godzilla (1954) and a Bruce lee film, good man!
It's worth a look if this is your kind of thing and over the last few month's there seems to be a TON of these coming out such as Grave Encounters, Episode 50 and the upcoming Paranormal Activity 3, so if you have nothing to watch at just over 75 minutes it's a perfect little film to watch,
Jonny T.


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