Thursday, 1 September 2011

The Woman- A Preview.

Hello folks!
Just been sent over this preview for the Great looking The Woman from horror director Lucky Mckee, it will be getting a limited cinema release, all dates and info below, i hope it comes to a cinema near me!
Jonny T.


 “THE WOMAN” SEDUCES FANS AND CRITICS AT FRIGHTFEST.Director Lucky McKee’s harrowing study of the darkness of human nature, The Woman, wowed horror fans at this year’s five-day Film4 Frightfest and proved to be one of the most talked about and enthusiastically received films of the entire festival.Following its UK Premiere screening at the Empire Cinema in London’s Leicester Square on Saturday 27th August, The Woman was voted Best Film of the Day (beating both Troll Hunter and Fright Night) by fans attending Frightfest and received Total Film’s Frightfest Awards for Best Actress (Pollyanna McIntosh) and for the Third Best Film of the Festival.In addition to being one of the leading fan favourites of the weekend’s films, The Woman also garnered unprecedented critical acclaim with post-festival reviews hailing it as “one of the best horror movies I’ve seen… purposefully disturbing, truthful and above all a film that makes you think long after you have left the cinema” (London Horror Comic), “an intensely atmospheric, intelligent, character-based tale of abuse, intimidation and inhumanity… a film we will still be watching and talking about in years to come” (Brutal As Hell) and “utterly compelling… a tour de force” ( the fans’ opinion of the film, Little White Lies claimed “The Woman proved to be one of the best of the fest”, called it “the most brutal, gut-wrenching and shocking film of the weekend, but the most intelligent, powerful, and responsible film out there… worthy of discussion, and quite rightly the biggest talking point of the festival… an extraordinary achievement” while Serene Velocity regarded it as “the best film of this Frightfest or any other for that matter.”Synopsis: When lawyer and proud family man Chris Cleek (Bridgers) stumbles across a wild, feral woman (McIntosh) bathing in a woodland stream near his isolated country home, he immediately makes a decision that will dramatically change both their lives.Chris captures the woman and chains her up in the fruit cellar below his house, intending to tame and civilize her. To assist him, he enlists the help of his long-suffering wife Belle (Bettis), their two teenage children, Peggy and Brian, and even their youngest daughter, Darlin’. But when the task at hand proves to be more difficult than first imagined, the Cleek family’s fascination and well-intentioned compassion quickly turns to abhorrence and sadistic cruelty. Now, the animal in everyone is about to be revealed, along with one or two of Chris’ other little secrets. Release info: The Woman (cert. tbc) is released by Revolver Entertainment and will open at selected UK cinemas from 30th September 2011. Revolver Entertainment have also united the UK's leading horror festivals and film clubs who will come together for the very first time to showcase the film at special screenings around the country from 30th September 2011. These include: Cigarette Burns at the Prince Charles Cinema, London; Celluloid Screams at The Showroom, Sheffield; Abertoir at The Arts Centre, Aberystwyth; TerrorVision at Film Base, Dublin; Mayhem at The Broadway, Nottingham; Dead By Dawn at The Filmhouse, Edinburgh; Grimm Up North at the AMC, Manchester, Dundead at the DCA, Dundee, Shock & Gore Nights at The Electric, Birmingham.

Stills from. The Woman.

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