Tuesday, 6 September 2011

The Man With The Severed Head-Review

Hello Folks,
Well i got to see the new release from Arrowdrome The Man with the severed head and indeed it is off it's head! I remember seeing this or vaguely remember seeing it many years back on good  old grainy VHS and with seeing this new print which is rather nice i must say i still loved it as much as i did then.
The Basic story revolves around the star man Paul Naschy who plays Jack Surnett, the robbery of a jewelers goes badly wrong and he takes a bullet in the brain so his gang decide to transplant his brain into the corpse of their enemy a mean mo fo gangster called The Sadist(what a great name!!) which then turns him basically into a raving lunatic.

A weird combination of a Frankenstein and crime movie it's easy to see why this has become a cult classic,
The film starts and mainly revolves around the motley crue of the gang of which there is some great nasty female characters, It's your basic heist gone wrong 70's crime film with a superb twist of Naschy having a new brain, there are apparently and have been over the years several cuts of this including one where the erotic scenes have been removed but now restored with Naschy said to have not been in the scenes and his body double looks nothing like him, the film is full of fun, sex and gore, so kick back, get a few beers in and raise a glass to 70's film eurpean film making,  Tarantino is said to have been a huge fan of this film so imagine his remake or if he had done Reservoir Dog's with a Mr Pink brain transplant!
The part is played superbly by spanish grand master Paul Naschy with all the passion and gusto as with all his classics and if youv'e ever seen a Naschy film you'll know what i mean but if you never have this is a great place to start, exploitation at it's finest.
8/10 Jonny T,

The Man with the severed head is out on Monday September 12th from Arrow Films , Go get it!!

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