Saturday, 24 September 2011

Some Interesting Movies Coming your way

Hello all,
Just been scanning the old you tube again and found some trailers for some good, some bad, and some ugly films coming at you in 2011,
Jonny T.

First up is a film called "The Gerber syndrome" Italy's answer to REC maybe?

Next up a film called Thale, Looks completely erm... i don't know but it's a new Norwegian one so it will be interesting to say the least and what's that in the fridge, is it a penis????

Now we have the trailer for The Wicker Tree, the follow up or maybe retelling or something else based on The wicker man, not sure about this one myself.

Now, i mentioned some bad and some ugly and here you have it, Roid Rage, an alien popping out of some guys ass!!Looks insane.

Another good looking British film coming your way soon, Inbred.

Well, Here we have a film entitled Exit Humanity,Cowboy's vs zombies in a red dead redemption undead style, got Dee Wallace in it and the budget looks pretty good so may a good one!!

Next up we have new french horror The Pack, looks similar in content to the other great french horror Frontiers and The ordeal, Vive la France!!

So there you go, 7 Trailers of some upcoming films that may be good, bad or in the case of Roid Rage just plain ugly!!
Jonny T.

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