Wednesday, 14 September 2011

X MARKS THE SPOT-Short film review.

Hello All,
1st off Many thanks to Twisted Central for sending me over the great short Film X-Marks the spot.
This is coming to a small screen near you soon and i have to say i was very impressed and you'll be in for a treat!
It tells the story of Abigail who is obsessed as many people seem to be these days with her Mobile phone and more so with her Freiend track app, but the friend she is tracking does she really want to or is he tracking her?

At just over 9 minutes long, it has some great tension building scenes and is filmed from some great camera angles, The setting is just normal day to day 2 people hanging out talking, checking the phones, on the laptop, ordering pizza, you know, the kind of thing we all do, right? So this is a stark warning without giving anything away of course to be careful who your talking to as in the great Documentary Catfish, you may be tracking someone but you never know who's tracking you!!
Like i said it's a great little short film and shows loads of potential for future projects, be sure to click the links below and find out what else they are up to and show your support for these filmakers,
Jonny T.

Links to keep you upto date and please show your support.

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