Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Territories-On DVD

Hello people,
The great looking film Territories is getting a DVD release next monday September the 12th from Arrow Films, from the producer of La Horde this is looking pretty good, Details below, bring it on!
Jonny T.


From Raphael Rocher (producer of the acclaimed French zombie shocker “The Horde”) and first-time feature director Olivier Abbou comes Territories, a chilling and twisted thriller that literally brings home the horrors of Guantanamo Bay-style detainment facilities for a small group of unfortunate US citizens.
What starts as an apparently routine border check for five friends – Jalil, Leslie, Michelle, Gab and Tom – driving home to the US from a wedding in Canada quickly descends into the realm of nightmares when a small amount of pot is found in their car. The fact that they are driving with a broken headlight after colliding with a deer further up the road doesn’t make things any better. But it is the two suspicious officers keen interest in Jalil’s background that results in the group being arrested, blindfolded and dragged off to a makeshift prison camp in the heart of the forest.

Incarcerated in small cages, the innocent victims are subjected to humiliation and psychological and physical torture as the two officers – in reality a pair of crazy ex-servicemen with seriously deranged patriotic concerns – do what they believe is their duty in keeping their country safe from intruders.
Superb performances from a cast that includes Roc LaFortune (Beastly; I’m Not There), Sean Devine (The 4400), Nicole Leroux (The Core) and Caroline Redekopp (Trick ‘r Treat), along with impressive gore effects by special make-up artist C.J. Goldman (Conan The Barbarian; Orphan; 300) and coldly effective cinematography by Karim Hussain (Hobo With A Shotgun) combine to make Territories a shocking, controversial and utterly compelling entry in the “survival horror” genre.

Territories (cert. 18) will be released on DVD (£tbc) by Arrow Films on 12th September 2011

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