Saturday, 11 August 2012

A FORCE OF ONE-Blu Ray Review!

Good day folks!
Jonny T here with my review of the recent great release from Anchor Bay that is the Chuck Norris classic A Force Of One,Now i remember going into a video shop obviously a good few years ago and checking out the film that everyone at school was talking about called Enter the dragon so i rented it and loved every single second of it, me and my dad then took it back and i said i want to see more Kung-Fu at first i think he was a little hesitant to let me seeing another martial arts film as i had spent the entire morning doing fake Kung-Fu moves on my sister! But he succumb to my whines and so we then rented another Bruce Lee title Way of the Dragon this time featuring a rather hairy American man named COLT, With what is now seen as a classic fight seen between Bruce Lee and COLT later i found the big hairy American was non other than man the myth the legendary original expendable the one and only Chuck Norris!!
So my journey of martial arts cinema had begun, we went back again and i saw the cover for a film starring Chuck Norris Called A Force Of One, the cover was a triangle with a very well toned and not so hairy but still slightly ginger Chuck Norris, a very mean and broody cover indeed and i am happy to see as you can see from the picture above that Anchor Bay have kept this classic cover!
So onto the review, now firstly i do have to say that they have done a great job on the print with this, from the get go the colours are bright and the sound is spot on that was the first suprise, the second suprise to me is how the film for me still stands up to this day, it tells the story of A crack tean of narcotic investigators that who appear to have obviously upset a local assasin so he decides to take them out one by one, but as you know cinema of this time this just aint going to continue! So with not knowing what else to do the police force enlist the help of Matt Logan(Norris) a noted Karate champion to train the officers in order to defend themselves, ah man, what a plot and they don't make them like this any more!!
Matt Logan is reluctant at first but when his adopted son because the latest victim fuelled by machismo driven hairy ginger toned rage Logan is on board to KICK ASS!

So there you have the basic story outline,and to me it plays like a great 70's cop show but with martial arts, it has humour, revenge and kick ass fights, the stand out moments for me are the kick boxing fights in the ring, obviously inspired by the HUGE hit that was Rocky they have all the elements and equally in my opinion equally as great choreographed fight scenes, it also draw inspiration from the classic Bruce Lee films where as you get the training in the Dojo scenes and amatuers start kicking ass, the one scene that i thought was great was when good old Chuck is attacked from no where by a nun-chuck wielding ninja in a dark alleyway, showing that he can not only fight in his martial arts clothing but also in his tight jeans!

So all in all it is great to see this again it is a really good print and brings back a ton of memeories for me personally, and you may well have noticed the resergance of Chuck Norris with The Expendables 2 coming very soon and although i think this will be a blast i would higly reccomend that you check this out and see Chuck at his finest,
Jonny T.

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