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Kotoko - On DVD & Blu-ray October 8th


A film by Shinya Tsukamoto (Tetsuo, Snake of June, Vital)

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You may recall that yesterday i did a post on the release of the Tsukamoto Classics Tetsuo 1&2 and have now just seen that his latest movie KOTOKO is also set for release by Third window films on the very same day, so on October 8th you could in theory have a Shinya Tsukamoto triple bill, now that would be a mind melting day!
I've stuck all the details below and watch this space for a review coming soon,
Jonny T.

Starring famous Japanese folk singer COCCO

Japan / 2011 / 91 Mins / In Japanese with English subtitles / Colour / HD

Out on DVD October 8th, 2012

DVD/BLU-RAY Special Features:

Exclusive interview with Shinya Tsukamoto

UK Trailer

Japanese Theatrical Trailer


Shinya Tsukamoto, the cult director of the cyberpunk Tetsuo series, presents an unnerving film about mental instability. Kotoko (folk-singer Cocco), a young single mother, lives alone with her baby son. Suffering from an unknown illness that makes her see double – especially people – and not knowing which version of the person is real, it severely impacts her day-to-day life, often leading to her to lash out violently. As her situation worsens and she becomes a liability, her son is taken from her a put in the care of her sister. Kotoko is left alone with her own thoughts – and for a person with an already broken mind that is a very scary place indeed.

Shinya Tsukamoto Biography

Born in Tokyo, Japan on Jan 1, 1960. He started making films when he was a junior high school student. He graduated from Nippon University, majoring in oil painting. After graduating the university, he was employed by a TV commercial film production. While working for the production, he participated in stage activity along with the people who became both the cast members and film cre for his film, Tetsuo The Iron Man (’89). The film instantly put him in the limelight as a filmmaker with an original vision and style in the international film scene. The films that followed Tetsuo received many rave reviews and prizes: Tetsuo II, the Body Hammer (’92), Tokyo Fist (’95), Bullet Ballet, and A Snake of June (’02) which won the Jury’s Prize (Contro Corrente section) at the Venice Int’l Film Festival. He recently completed his trilogy of Tetsuo films, with Tetsuo The Bullet Man (’09) which entered the competition at the Venice Int’l Film Festival. In his 2004 film Vital, the closing theme song was provided by Cocco who is the main lead in his latest film, Kotoko.
He is also an ardent actor and has acted for many directors. He received the Best Supporting Actor at the Mainichi Newspaper Film Concours in 2002.

Cast & Crew
Cocco as Kotoko
Shinya Tsukamoto as Tanaka


Planning/Produce/Screen Play/Cinematography/Edit and Directed by Shinya Tsukamoto
Planning/Inspiration for story/Music/Production Design by Cocco
Sound Editing by Masaya Kitada
Special Make-Up and Plastic Art Design by Mai Hanai
First Assistant Director/Cinematography by Satoshi Hayashi
Production Company: Kaijyu Theater Co., Ltd.
World Sales: Gold View Co., Ltd.
©2011 Kaijyu Theater Co., Ltd./Shinya Tsukamoto

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