Thursday, 16 August 2012

Eli Roth's Goretorium opens Septmber!

Hello Folks,
Just seen that Eli Roth's themed Las Vegas horror experience is set to open this September! Now as you probably know i live in the UK so sadly unless i win the lottery or a relative i never knew dies and leaves me millions or Eli reads this and flys us out to view it(you never know!) i probably will never get to go, crap! So whether you are a fan of Eli or not you have to admit it would be a pretty cool thing to visit, as i said its based in Las Vegas and is open all year round so if any of our readers in the USA do get to visit please let us know and send over your report and some photo's and we shall share it with our reader, then again Disney did open a European Disneyland in Paris so you never know we may get one here!! By the way did i mention the trailer for it? No i didn't but i have stuck it below and before you watch be warned it's graphic!!
Jonny T.
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