Monday, 13 August 2012

The Octagon-Blu Ray reviewed.

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Jonny T here again with a follow up on my review of the Chuck Norris Classic A Force of One, this time i am very pleased to review another Chuck release from Anchor Bay this time The Octagon!

Scott James is a man haunted by memories, eerie flashbacks that plague both his waking and sleeping hours. The first is a childhood memory relating to the intense and rigorous combat training he and his best friend endured under the guidance of a mysterious martial arts master. The second is a far more painful recollection of loss, and one that has turned Scott away from his former life. But when a wealthy heiress convinces him to enter the fray once more, Scott finds himself drawn into an international terrorist organisation consisting of deadly ninjas, at the head of which is a close acquaintance from his past. Now it is up to Scott to confront his worst fears and battle a former adversary in the ultimate ninja showdown.

So there you have the basic plot and i have to say as i did before that the print and audio on this as was the case with A Force Of One is superb as is the film! From the tag line and the denial of the existence of Ninja's "NO ONE WILL ADMIT THEY STILL EXIST" But good ol' Chuck knows different, the film opens in a very surreal manner in which we see the darkened sky and the sun setting over the hills inter cut with a black background and Chuck's face in deep red with a voice over showing his i suppose you could say psychic Ninja skills, he gains this we later find out in flashback form from when he was a young boy and him and what he calls his brother are put through there paces on a martial arts assault course kind of a cross between The Krypton Factor and Ninja Warrior! The aim is to be the first to reach the masters sword and the finish is so close that i don't think even the 2012 Olympic committee would have been able to tell, but you can obviously see that Chuck being Chuck of course grabs the sword 1st much to the annoyance of his brother which sparks a classic line "Prove you deserve it coward" to which the Master over hears and being a strict old boot banishes Chuck's jealous brother form the school forever!
So you have the story set up, One of the films first scenes See's Chuck all Suited and Booted out on a hot date, when the meal is over he walks the young lady home and upon entering the house his psychic voice booms out "There is someone in here, i know it" then....NINJA ATTACK!! So they do exist!!!
This obviously starts Chuck thinking that his brother and his gang have tracked him down and are out for the kill, in one classic scene we see Chuck asleep (Topless of course) when a Ninja sneaks into his room armed with a very vicious claw and decides to attack, bad move Mr Ninja! Of course Chuck kicks his mystical ass whilst feathers from the torn up bed fly around the room and Chucks lady friend enters the room with a machine gun, lunacy, the best part though is when the landlord knocks on the door and it's answered by the topless but looking cool Chuck and the landlord says "We've had a complaint about the noise" no shit! There has just been a fight between Chuck Norris a Ninja with a claw and a lady with a machine gun, Chuck just casually smiles and apologises, everything is fine again, now that may sound a bit daft but that for me is the charm of Chuck, it has more cheese than the Edam Factory, not in a bad way, it's great!
Chuck along with the help of classic actor Lee Van Cleef track down the Ninja Training school known as "The Octagon" and also his brother, this leads to Chuck in an all black suit but with no mask of course, he wouldn't want to mess up that hair and Tash, i won't spoil it but what lays ahead in the last 20 minutes or so is marvellous, loads of Chuck VS Ninja's and explosions(what more do you need!), needless to say this is a great release with some superb extras and a must for all action fans, Available now on DVD and Blu-Ray from Anchor Bay.
A SOLID 8/10.

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