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The Woman in Black review by Molly Jennings!

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Now, you have all read some great post's by Gavin Jennings on here and i was talking with him the other day and he mentioned that his lovely 12 year old daughter Molly had seen her very 1st horror film The Woman in Black and is going to review it for Jonny's Cult Films! So what we have here for you today is a review from Molly and also an insight to her very 1st experience of seeing a horror film, she also asks for some more suggestions so feel free to leave her some or email me up at and i shall gladly pass them on and hopefully she will return with more reviews, so welcome to the crazy world of the horror community Molly and many thanks for the review, Take it away Molly!

The woman in black review by Molly Jennings aged 12.

My dad writes on Johnny T’s blog and grew up watching horror films, I think he intends to make me do so too. His first horror film experience was Salem’s lot and the vampire scared him so much he jumped behind my gran’s sofa! Anyway if it wasn’t for the fact that Daniel Radcliffe was in this, his first major role outside of the Harry Potter franchise, I probably would have not watched it. However, since all things Potter are generally awesome I was prepared to see it, even if it was from under a blanket!
The story starts in the Victorian era with three girls playing with their porcelain dolls. Suddenly they get up and go to a big three paned window and jump out of it. I thought this was unusual as young children rarely get killed in films. If they were prepared to murder kids what else would the story do? Arthur Kipps is a widowed lawyer who is forced to leave his son Joseph to go and sort out the paperwork at Eel Marsh, a big house belonging to a recently dead widow. When Arthur first arrives at the town none of the residents wants him to go to the estate which they believe to be haunted by a ghostly woman in black. Despite this he works at the house and begins to experience strange goings on like doors that lock and unlock themselves and moving shadows. At first things are subtle but quickly gain momentum leading to some genuinely scary moments.
My favourite scenes were shot at Eel marsh. The first glimpse of the house gave me the chills let alone the chills inside of it. The scenes shot inside were brilliant, I liked how they put false surprises eg: pigeons flying into the screen, nests falling down chimneys etc. The bits that scared me most were the parts when the rocking chair was swinging wildly and then you see how the woman in black died. What also scared me was the part with the hand print on the window when Arthur puts his hand on it and you see the woman before she died do an ear piecing scream and rush forward at the window. I don’t like the bits with the children’s deaths, especially the one in the police station which was awful.
 On the whole I really enjoyed watching my first horror film. It even made me want to read Susan Hill’s novel on which this is based. Although it was scary it was a lot of fun not knowing if I was going to jump or not. I can see why people like watching this genre. I am not ready to watch some of the junk that my dad likes but I will definitely watch a similar film. Can you offer me any suggestions?  
A bit of news for fans, it was announced on 2 April 2012 that there would most likely be a sequel entitled ‘Woman in Black: Angels of death’ released later in 2012 or 2013. It is supposed to be set during World War 2 with lots of injured soldiers sent to reside at Eel Marsh house to be looked after by a nurse, the latest resident haunted by the woman in black.

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  1. Great reveiw Molly you are at the start of a world of horror that you will enjoy to be scared of. (I like your dad still jump behind my sofa and i'm 38).I'm sure your Dad and Jonny T have your whole horror future life laid out ready for you to enjoy. Look forward to more reveiw's that remind me of being a 12yr old and the world of horror.