Tuesday, 21 August 2012

The Last Stand - Arnie is Back!

Hello Folks,
Jonny T here, well we all knew it would happen after his stint in politics and yes indeed Arnie is back! Now what Drew my attention this is not just the fact that he has returned to the big screen in his first full feature in many years but the fact that it is directed by non other than Jee-Woon Kim, Jee-Woon Kim is as you would say a legendary Asian director and has to be said along with Takashi Miike one of my personal favourite Directors, Director of such classics as A bitter sweet life, A tale of Two Sisters, The good, The Bad, The Weird and the absolute classic I Saw The Devil, so from the trailer and if any of you have seen The Good, The Bad, The Weird you certainly know that Jee-Woon Kim can most definitely direct action sequences, so coming in 2013 this looks a pretty promising return for Arnie with a top notch Director in the hot seat,
Bring it on!
Jonny T.


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