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Interview With Paco Plaza

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Jonny T here with a great interview from REC director Paco Plaza, I was very fortunate to be given the chance to interview Paco so i jumped on it! Director of The REC series of films and i must say they to me are genre changing films, i initially saw REC on it's UK release and was blown away, got to also see REC2 on it's release and dare i say it it was even better than the 1st although i know i am not alone on that and have heard may other people say the same, So Paco will be attending this years Film 4 frightfeast for the UK premier of REC3-GENISIS and from what i have heard so far it is going to be awesome! Within the interview i also asked Paco about other films he directed such as Films to keep you awake and Romasanta:The Werewolf hunt which i also urge you to seek out if you have yet to see them, so i shall stop rambling now and let you read the interview, many thanks again to Paco for taking time out of his busy schedule to give Jonnys Cult films this interview, Take it away Paco!

1-Hello Paco and thank you for taking time for this interview for Jonnys Cult Films and all our readers, I see that you will be in the UK for a screening at Film 4 Frightfest of the greatly anticipated [REC] GENESIS, Is this your first visit to the UK?
Not really. I was at FirghtFest with my second film, ROMASANTA, when it took place at Prince Charles (it’s been a while!) and I really look forward to visiting London once again!
2-[REC] GENESIS doesn't feature as much hand held camcorder action and goes more for the usual film look, how did you come to this decision to change the formula of the last 2 [REC] Movies?
We didn’t want to go the same path we already had. If one thing is particular about the REC films is that we always tried to surprise the audience, to deliver something different from their expectations. I think these days we seldom feel surprised in a theatre; more and more as filmgoer I have the feeling that I go to the theatre to check the film is exactly as I imagined from the amount of information I had before. We wanted to give something fresh, surprising and unexpected; and using this mix of pov and conventional cinematography was a part of that surprise; a REC film that doesn´t look like it.
3-[REC] GENESIS also features quite a lot of dark humour in the style of other great Spanish horror movies such as Accion Mutante and Day of the Beast, have you ever seen these classics and what are your thoughts on them?
My biggest influence has been Alex de la Iglesia; his film EL DÍA DE LA BESTIA changed the panorama in Spain and proved a new generation of directors we could work in the frame of genre being at the same time faithful to our Spanish culture. He really pointed the way, he has made amazing films.
4-I read that all 4 [REC] films were planned from the start with GENESIS being the prequel and APOCALYPSE being the final film, is this true?
Not at all. When it started we were two friends who love horror films and decide to grab a handycam and shoot one; with very little money, without financial risks and with the only goal of having fun in the process. We didn’t know even if it was going to be released. With everything that happened later and the success, doing the sequels was a constant struggle to keep that in mind: just try to have fun.
5-You were a writer on the [REC] remake Quarantine, how do you feel the remake held up to the original?
No, I only have credit as creator of the original, but we were not involved creatively in that film at all. QUARANTINE helped to make REC extremely popular overseas, and put our film under a new light. Being remade gave REC something close to cult status, so I’m very grateful to the producers that decided to do it.

6-Manuela Velasco is listed as an actual TV presenter in Spain, is this true and what was the reaction to her role in your native Spain?
Her job helped the film to feel more real! It was great.
7-In the remake of [REC] Manuela's role is played by the great actress Jennifer Carpenter also known as Deb from the brilliant Dexter, did you get to meet her and what was she like to work with?
I only visited that set once and she wasn’t there. But I loved her on EMILY ROSE! She is an amazing actress.
8-You were also involved in the brilliant Films to Keep You Awake: The Christmas Tale. I have to admit I watch that every year as part of our Christmas viewing! Are there any plans or would you like to do a project like that again?
I’m so happy to hear so!!! It is my favourite among the films I have done. I just love it. I would love to be part of a TV show again, specially in that talented company!

9-Romasanta: The Werewolf Hunt which you also directed is a great take on serial killer Manuel Blanco Rosmanta who claimed he was a real life werewolf and is fascinating subject for a movie, is this a case you were always interested in and wanted to make into a movie?
I’d like to say so…but I found out about him when they gave me the script…He was a fascinating character. I’d like to tell that story again but with a whole different approach.
10-Your next feature is Paris I'll kill You, a fantastic looking anthology with other great directors such as Joe Dante, could you tell us a little bit about your story in Paris I'll Kill You and does it have a release date as yet?
I won’t be a part of that film due to schedule overlaps. It’s a pity!

11-Any final words for your fans in the UK and readers of Jonnys Cult Films?
I hope you enjoy with REC3, it is a wild film and it is not what you expect. See you in London!

[REC] Genesis will be released by eOne on DVD and Blu-ray 3 September 2012
Find out more about [REC] Genesis showing at this years

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