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Michael Biehn & Jennifer Blanc interview.

Hello guys and thank you for taking the time to answer some questions for Jonnys Cult Films! Jonny and I are huge fans of films from the 80’s particularly some of those films that I’m sure you are asked about all the time, before we get onto that I would like to talk about your new movie the Victim, which you are both starring in, writing, producing, and even directing! What can you tell us about the film?

Michael: Well it’s an exploitation film and a thriller with a twist or two and nods to other filmmakers who I’ve learnt from over the years.

The film has yet to be released over here in England; the release date is late September. I see that the Victim is already doing well and horror fans seem to like it. I hear you were influenced by Robert Rodriguez and the whole ‘Grindhouse’ genre. That being said you have used some great actors like Danielle Harris and made great use of the tight budget. What have you both learned most about the film making process that you will take into other productions?

 Jennifer: Oh wow, we really have learnt a lot. I always learn a lot more from Michael though. He is so good with film! Hence all is awesome roles really. But I think he even learned more about how tough the process is and can be.

Is it true that on the first day of the 12 day shoot you turned up on set naked? Michael: I did...then

Jennifer: got naked and we shot the sex scene! Lol.

Didn’t you also pass out during a strangulation stunt?

Michael: Yes for a few seconds! But I won’t be doing that in that way again, believe me!

Michael, over the years you have had some massive hits on your resume’ with Terminator, Aliens, the Abyss, the Rock, Tombstone etc. You have also had more than your share of set backs. I’m talking about your role of Kyle Reese being reduced to a cameo in the Directors cut in T2, you were oddly written out of Alien 3 and missed out on a role in Avatar because James Cameron didn’t want the reunion of yourself & Sigourney Weaver to over shadow the story. I made that sound like James Cameron was to blame a little which wasn’t my point but in general it seems that you are greatly under used in mainstream Hollywood. Is this one of the reasons why you are deciding to produce your own projects these days?

Michael: I really credit Jim Cameron for giving me a career and I wouldn’t question Jim Cameron’s decisions. He is so smart! But saying that, the Aliens situation I was very upset with but it all worked out well.

My twelve year old daughter Molly also writes for the blog and offers her unique view on horror films that interest her. Molly’s favourite film is James Cameron’s Titanic and she told me you might have been involved with that film somehow. Can you tell us more?

Michael: I was considered for the role Billy Zane played! He really was perfect for that role.

Jennifer, you and Michael are married, you act together in many projects and are now producing together as well. Does working so closely all the time affect your personal lives and do you fall out over the decision making process? Surely you must have argued about your production company being called Biehn-Blanc or Blanc-Biehn!

Jennifer: Lol, we do fight and then we make up both very passionately!
Yes, the company clearly should be called Biehn-Blanc but that doesn’t sounds as good so I win Hahaa!!

According to IMDB you both have at least five movies already in production as well as the possibility of a sequel to the Victim. Do you have a dream project that you one day hope to make or actors you would really like to work with?

Michael: Yes, The Farm and Hidden In The Woods remake are both very exciting for us.

Well that’s it! Thanks you so much for spending time on these questions. It is a real honour to have the opportunity to interview one of my childhood icons. Before I go I would like to share this little story with you. Around 1990 my dad took me to see your movie ‘Navy Seals’ in our local theatre. I would have been about twelve years old and was foolishly wearing a Bart Simpson T shirt which made me look a lot younger than the 15 rating which the movie had. The usher gave my dad a real hard time demanding to know what year I was born etc. My dad was desperately trying to do the math in his head that would have confirmed I was old enough which took him about five minutes and a lot of finger counting, he was under pressure! Eventually the usher took pity on us and we got in and loved it! It had that unique charm that only action films of that time could pull off. Having said that I would have loved to have seen you in the Expendables!

Jennifer: Thanks so much for the interview!
Michael: Hahaa, love it!

Gavin Jennings.

Thanks again To Michael and Jennifer for taking time to grant us this interview.
The Victim is out On DVD & Blu-Ray 24 Sep 2012 from Anchor Bay.

“A twisted, sleazy little film that will make grindhouse fans quite happy”

                                                                  Ain’t It Cool News

James Cameron’s original prodigy Michael Biehn makes his directorial debut in true grindhouse grandeur.

Directed by screen veteran Michael Biehn (The Terminator; Aliens; The Abyss) and stars Jennifer Blanc (The Divide; Dark Angel), Danielle Harris (Stake Land; Hatchet II; Urban Legend), Ryan Honey (Star Trek: Enterprise; ER; NCIS) and Tanya Newbould (Rush Hour 2; Red Dragon; X-Men: The Last Stand).


During a social outing deep in the quiet woodland with close friend Mary, Annie’s life is put in jeopardy when she is witness to a violent act at the hands of two Sheriff’s Deputies. Fleeing from the attackers she stumbles across Kyle, a shady recluse living in a cabin the middle of the woods. The rugged loner stays far from civilisation, which is until a knock on the door throws his solitary life into chaos. Having been affected by Mary’s desperate bid for her life, Kyle bravely decides to take Sheriff’s law into his own hands. Two worlds collide in this psychological thriller that will make you question your trust in mankind. Who is The Victim?

Having emerged from the most pivotal Sci-Fi films ever to grace our screen, Michael Biehn takes to the Director’s chair to gain ownership of the grindhouse genre having already channelled his onscreen vivacity in Robert Rodriguez's “Planet Terror” and having learnt the modus operandi from a directing mastermind in James Cameron.

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