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Django Prepare a Coffin - BLU-RAY Review by Jonny T.

Django Prepare a coffin - Blu-Ray – Review by Jonny T.

So here we see Terence Hill  in the role of  Django and yet again another classic in my opinion. The film opens with a celebratory party for a local Politician David, The party subsides and we are left with the politician David and bandit and his two men and sitting quietly in the corner looking cool as hell, Django. The men are at loggerheads and this leads to the two of them with guns poised ready to shoot it out to the death, Enter Django, He tries to calm the situation but then it ends in a brawl between them all where Django pulls off some killer moves and the bad guys are dispatched.

David then asks him to be basically his right hand man but Django declines saying he has a big job lined up tomorrow, a robbery of a shit ton of Gold, David accepts Django has his own ways so lets him partake upon his mission. The following day we see Django on a horse and cart happily with his lady riding across the countryside when a wheel on his cart buckle, he stops to repair it when suddenly he himself is ambushed, robbed of all the gold and shot, The robbers also kill his men and his lady, luckily Django survives and see’s on top of the hill David all in black in a classic spaghetti western style, David is in on the raid on poor old Django, Revenge is abound!

The movie then moves on to Django basically doing his day job, a hangman, but there is a twist, he rigs up the harnesses in such a way that the alleged criminals don’t actually hang, so he returns under the cover of night to release the men and set up his gang, It transpire that all the criminals aren’t actually guilty but it is made to seem that way so that unscrupulous types can get hold of their land and assets.So with his gang assembled in a secret location the revenge is on, A few of the men are given the ok by Django to go out and issue warnings to some of the men that would see them hang, after a few raids the word gets back to the ring leader of all the wrong doing and the scene is set for epic revenge from both sides………….

So in summing up, This to me ranks right alongside the original Django and it’s great to see Terrance hill in this role, There are some great twists, loads of blood, great and insane stunts, basically all you would expect to get from a classic Django movie and it doesn’t disappoint on any level, cracking stuff indeed.

Arrow have re-mastered it and I have to it is superb print, the colours come through stunningly, especially within the opening credits, It’s great to see some of the Django movies getting this treatment but I do wonder if Arrow will be releasing them all, very doubtful as within the documentary on the disc “Django Explained” there are tons and tons of Django Movies but if this release is anything to go by if they did do them all I would certainly buy everyone whether the be Good, Bad or Ugly (sorry about that!)


Jonny T.

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