Thursday, 13 June 2013

Sofie Gråbøl's "ACCUSED" trailer unveiled!

Ahead of its UK DVD release on Monday June 17th, Arrow Films’ Nordic Noir label have today unveiled the official trailer for ACCUSED, a new feature film starring the original heroine of the Scandi-crime genre, Sofie Gråbøl (The Killing’s Sarah Lund).

A gripping and absorbing picture, ACCUSED unsparingly portrays the ugly side of family life - how a normal and happy middle-class couple’s world is torn apart by their troubled 14-year old daughter.  As The Killing’s lead detective Sarah Lund, Gråbøl single-handedly kick-started the UK’s love-affair with Scandinavian television. Beginning what can only be described as a full blown Nordic cultural invasion, Gråbøl found herself as the poster girl for gloomy Saturday evenings, stylised Danish landscapes, terrible social skills, and Faroese knitwear.

On Saturday June 15th, ACCUSED will receive its UK premiere at the Noridicana show in Clerkenwell, London. Taking place on June 15th/16th, Nordicana is the UKs first ever expo celebrating Scandinavian crime & thriller fiction & film. Featuring the very latest Nordic film & TV programmes, specialist Scandi food & drink, a host of other activities, and the chance to meet some of stars of the genre, this is the event UK Scandi-philes cannot afford to miss! Visit the official Nordicana site for more info and a list of special guests –

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