Friday, 28 June 2013

Have a film on me Friday - Yokai Monsters Spook Warfare 1968 .

Jonny T here with have a film on me Friday, Well not actually on me but off of that there YouTube, So this week’s Treat is Yokai Monsters-Spook Warfare, Asian monster madness at its finest, Now Asia is mainly known for the classic Monsters Godzilla, Gamera and of course Ultraman, but delve deeper and ye shall find such classics as this, The legendary Takashi Miike made a “Yokai” movie some years back and that also is well worth tracking down, So me choosing this came about from recently listening to the new Motion Picture Massacre Podcast (as you should!) and Vaughn mentioned that he hadn’t seen this and I remembered seeing it on YouTube so I thought I’d share with you and indeed Vaughn.
Jonny T.

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